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Join our Dropship program and start generating revenue today!

We have just launched our Lingerie Dropship Program and it is open to the public!

This means you no longer have to stock your own inventory or deal with shipping again.

We stock the items and ship out our products with YOUR packing slip or invoice so there's never any need for your customers to know who 'we' are.dropshipping lingerie process

We deal with all shipping and you just collect the money and place your order through your (special rates) account - it doesn't get easier than that.

Drop shippers also enjoy great pricing structures so that our products can be marked up for great profits!

Earn the maximum profits possible with our product lines.

Our products are not only made of the best up of the best quality merchandise...

But our service is unsurpassed as well.

You will create a great revenue stream with our drop ship program because we are a REAL wholesale company.

Dropship Programs to Stay Away From

Unfortunately there are many people offering fake dropship programs online and duping honest hard working shop owners and Web masters into thinking that they are indeed a 'bona fide' drop-ship program, when in fact... they're just retailers selling to you at discounted prices.

What some of them do is try to sell you on the fact that you are buying 'wholesale' and offer you what SEEMS like good pricing, but you'll find that in most cases that you could be making a LOT more by dealing with REAL dropship programs like the one offered by Hermes De Medici.

Some times you'll run across Web sites that are selling their "top secret" dropshipper list, but it's a scam. Don't buy into it. Most of them are just a garbage list that doesn't provide real manufacturers and distributors. They usually provide companies that are selling to you at discounted prices - BUT NOT WHOLESALE.

Some of them even provide you with a list of THEIR OWN company Web sites in hopes that you will join and start selling for them. THEY buy at wholesale prices and YOU make a measly cut.

Now, in order to join a REAL dropship program you normally have to (at least here in the states) supply a manufacturer/distributor with your Sales Tax Re-seller ID#.

If they don't ask for this - they're probably NOT a real drop ship operation.

Sometimes there are exceptions...

For instance, Hermes De Medici's drop ship program offers people the chance to join AND receive the same low wholesale prices that every other dropshipper receives - IF - they pay their own sales taxes.

This means that if you don't have a Re-seller Tax ID that 'EXEMPTS' you from paying sales tax, you have to pay it during your order.

This of course is something you can charge YOUR customers to make up.

Our feeling was that this would allow Web masters an opportunity to build up their following and sales before going through the process of attaining their Re-seller Tax ID (and in some cases a business space).

Companies doing business OUTSIDE the United States are not required to supply us with such documentation.

We make sure we offer our wholesale and dropship customers are offered the absolute LOWEST prices possible and we give them the tools to make it happen (data feeds, banners/photos etc). Our prices really allow our retailers and dropshippers to earn top-dollar with their mark ups.


If you are interested in becoming a lingerie dropshipping partner, please contact us here or using the information below.

To set up your account call us at- 1-888-444-6897

or write us at:

Hermes De Medici, LLC
DBA Feeling Frisky Lingerie
1212 Guadalupe St. #506
Austin, TX 78701 United States

Please Note: Drop shippers are required to follow the same terms that are displayed on our site.

For more information follow these useful links:

Hermes De Medici, LLC. is an online merchandiser with offices and warehouses in Alabama and Texas (other distribution points coming soon!) and we have the experienced and professional staff to make your ordering quick and simple.

We are currently expanding our operation and our inventory so that we can offer you great wholesale deals on ALL of our product lines so please check your e-mail for notifications regarding our wholesale offers.

Call us toll free if you have any questions - 1-888-444-6897